What can facilitators learn from the military?

 What can facilitators learn from the military? One striking characteristic of a VUCA world is that not everything goes according to plan. Which is disappointing, because it would be so nice if everything did go as intended. Bloody VUCA! Which is an acronym from the...

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Sometimes a typo is just a typo

 Sometimes a typo is just a typo In a recent email I typed ‘GB' when I meant to type ‘FB' as shorthand for Facebook. My correspondent was mildly mystified and asked what I meant. I explained, which would have made a good end to the matter.  But because we sometimes...

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Does everyone need coffee right now?

Does everyone need coffee right now? Is it even possible to get it? I watched an ugly facilitation moment the other day, in which participants who were deeply involved in an activity were wrenched out of it by a facilitator who seemed to think it important that...

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How did you get here: did you improvise?

 How did you get here: did you improvise? It’s fun to ask people at meetings how they got there. They usually answer with details of a walk, a car drive or an adventure with public transport. Someone occasionally asks how far back I want them to begin. “I was born in...

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Why it is wise to improvise

Why it is wise to improvise When you ask people to define wisdom, they tell you it’s about ‘Exercising judgement when it’s not possible to be certain’. And that is also a pretty good definition of improvisation. Wisdom takes care of the gap between what we notice and...

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How Oxford proposes flexibility from the top

 How Oxford proposes flexibility from the top Professor Louise Richardson has spoken of her vision for Oxford's future as she becomes Vice-Chancellor of the University. She aims to keep Oxford in the forefront of international education with 'ever more creativity,...

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Here comes destruction or something

 Here comes destruction or something The recent climate change talks were a useful reminder that humanity is probably on the cusp of destruction. We need to change our ways from exploitation to preservation. And we need to do so through changes that are attractive and...

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The Improvisation Feedback Trick

So you want to feel certain feelings? Well, you need fast and reliable feedback from your experiences, to know whether or not you are getting the feelings you want.

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Learned Idiocy

Mistakes: People keep telling me they learn from their mistakes. And I’m pretty sure they are mistaken. Yes, you learn from a mistake not to do again whatever the mistake happened to be.

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How our brilliant brains make things Easy

The human brain has evolved to make life easy for us. We do most of what we do effortlessly. Yes, we have sometimes unfortunate biases and heuristics that don’t always work for us. But these are exceptions to the brain’s brilliance.

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