On The Big Stage

It was a routine training conference. Between sessions, there was a nice moment when a guy in shorts and long hair played some jazz on the piano at the side of the stage.

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Don’t make this mistake about mistakes

Mistakes: People keep telling me they learn from their mistakes. And I’m pretty sure they are mistaken. Yes, you learn from a mistake not to do again whatever the mistake happened to be. But, unless there’s a process of elimination among a small, finite set, the mistake is no guide about what to do in order to succeed.

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How to get happy by noticing more of our direct experiences

Happiness, says author Paul Dolan, is a mix of purpose and pleasure.  During a lecture at London’s Conway Hall, he argued that one of the problems with studies of happiness is that people tend to offer evaluations of how happy they think they were over a period of time, rather than direct in-the-moment ratings of their experience.

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The improvisation route to immediate experience

The human brain has evolved to make life easy for us.  We do most of what we do effortlessly.  Yes, we suffer sometimes from unfortunate biases and some of our heuristics don’t always work for us.  But these are exceptions to the brain’s brilliance.

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Business Beliefs

‘Beliefs’ are for things that aren’t true.

‘Values’ are for what you don’t do.


Beliefs and values are abstract concepts that are prized by consultants who have fallen under the spell of psychologists.

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Improvise as a way of testing the ‘rules’ of life

It’s convenient to follow rules. If we already know what to do, there’s no hard thinking required. When we deliberately improvise, we put ourselves freshly into each moment, and give ourselves the opportunity to check out how we are doing with rules and conventions.

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Why safety matters

Life tends to be easier when you know what to expect. You feel more comfortable when you are in familiar territory. When a detailed, plausible plan is in place, you think you know what will happen next.

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How to access your creativity with Improvisation

Meet your Muses: The Muses were Greek gods and goddesses and the Classical idea was that people were not in themselves creative. But you could – in the right circumstances – be inspired by the God or Goddess visiting you. You would be the instrument of that Muse’s creativity.

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Why the Improvisation Academy?

The Comedy Store Players joined me in 2013 in setting up the Improvisation Academy. Since 1985, the Players have been performing as a team, their longevity recognised by the Guinness Book of Records.

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