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A creative activity to give you fresh impetus with a problem or project

If you are stuck with a problem or want to generate new ideas for a project, here’s a great activity to prompt fresh thinking. It’s also a handy way to banish writers’ block.

  • Collect a bunch of objects, randomly. They could be the ten items nearest to you now. Or whatever you are able and allowed to collect in one basket on a quick tour of your building.
  • Now pick whichever of these items most appeals to you in whatever way seems to present itself. There are no ‘right or wrong’ choices.
  • Then ask yourself this question: ‘How does this object relate to a project or problem I’m working on?’
  • And start writing your answer on a page or a screen.
  • You have 5 minutes.


Here’s what I wrote in a recent workshop, led by Trevor Day for the AMED Writers Group. Trevor provided a selection of objects for us on a table.

“I’ve picked a magnifying glass, which resonates immediately with me in two ways.

One is a memory of old detective stories. Wasn’t Sherlock Holmes always looking at clues through such a glass?

The second is the focus that a magnifying glass produces, which connects with my approach to change – A Solutions Focus.

So the challenge is getting my live in-the-room training programmes repurposed and replenished for an online audience, and of course finding that audience.

Finding them with a magnifying glass? Well, not literally. But could make a good start by taking a closer look at who’s already connected online and by investigating what’s hot in the world of online learning.”

This turned out to be a helpful prompt, leading me to some useful actions. Let me know how this activity works for you or the people you’re working with.


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