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Spontaneous Britain

A witty remark from Guy Browning, which certainly chimed 12 years ago. But is this still true of British culture now? I reckon there’s more spontaneity around now, more surprises in public life, and we are less in thrall to old, rehearsed spectacles. And there’s still...

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Using improvisation to access your quirky creativity

 Using improvisation to access your quirky creativity Julia Davis was one of my favourite improvisers in my More Fool Us performing team. She was reliably quirky, with a willingness to dig deeper into any scene, riffing on the off-beat, while generously sharing the...

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Ruth Jones and James Cordon

Ruth Jones and James Cordon – improvising the Gavin & Stacey script I always enjoyed working with Ruth Jones when she was in my improvisation comedy performing team, More Fool Us. She’s a wonderful collaborator and I was reminded by this old cutting that fell out...

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Why games are the future

 Why games are the future The future may be hard to predict, but back in 2011 Jane McGonigal was spot on with this one. It's a trend that's still emerging, people playing to play - for enjoyment as much as for winning. And clever designers are producing...

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When to press Play instead of Say

When to press Play instead of Say We know it’s important to get a presentation off to a good start. And a good idea, perhaps, to use music to make an impact. A speaker I recently saw at a conference began his presentation with these words, which he surely didn’t...

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 Wimbrovisers Hope you are enjoying your Wimbeldon. Listen out for the commentators applauding a player for an improvised shot. They mean that the player has done something a bit unusual – with an odd angle or an unlikely stretch. Yet there’s another sense in which...

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Failure Fetish Flies Again

 Failure fetish files again The failure fetish gets another airing in a TEDx talk, brought to my attention in a recent newsletter from a colleague. A child does poorly in a school test and doesn’t tell me, his mother, says Dr. Kathleen Ciez-Volz. ‘Gabe is embarrassed...

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How did you get here: did you improvise?

 How did you get here: did you improvise? It’s fun to ask people at meetings how they got there. They usually answer with details of a walk, a car drive or an adventure with public transport. Someone occasionally asks how far back I want them to begin. “I was born in...

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Why it is wise to improvise

Why it is wise to improvise When you ask people to define wisdom, they tell you it’s about ‘Exercising judgement when it’s not possible to be certain’. And that is also a pretty good definition of improvisation. Wisdom takes care of the gap between what we notice and...

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How Oxford proposes flexibility from the top

 How Oxford proposes flexibility from the top Professor Louise Richardson has spoken of her vision for Oxford's future as she becomes Vice-Chancellor of the University. She aims to keep Oxford in the forefront of international education with 'ever more creativity,...

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The Improvisation Feedback Trick

So you want to feel certain feelings? Well, you need fast and reliable feedback from your experiences, to know whether or not you are getting the feelings you want.

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