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Start at the end

 Start at the end At a conference I attended recently, one speaker caught our attention by saying at the start, ‘Here’s my best slide’, and projecting a screen titled ‘Conclusion’. This provoked a warm response, a laugh and a murmur of appreciation. It’s a nice tactic...

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On the question of inviting questions

On the question of inviting questions When you are giving a presentation, you may or may not want your audience to ask you questions as you go along. When I’m presenting, I’m usually fine with spontaneous questions, as it increases the prospects of people...

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How presenters are presenting a lot more than their message

How presenters are presenting a lot more than their message When you are watching a presenter, you learn a lot about them even if you pay little attention to their words. Are they confident, passionate, authoritative? Or nervous, bored or unconvincing? As Gregory...

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The point is not powerpoint

 The point is not the powerpoint There were at least 20 presentations during the conference I attended last week, and in half of them the PowerPoint was not starting on time. That's to say that the audience watched the presenter fumbling with projection equipment and...

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Chocs Away

 Chocs Away! I watched an inspirational presentation on the potentially dull topic of the need to stick to corporate style guidelines in all written communications. Yes, I know. But we were saved from monotony by the fact that 'Chocolate' was the word used most often...

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