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I enjoy reviewing books for a couple of journals, and recently tackled the Routledge Handbook for Creative Futures, edited by Gabrielle Donnelly and Alfonso Montuori. It’s a weighty tome (even as a digital copy!), with 37 chapters from authors with many different interests and styles. It’s one of those books that presents a choice: either a thorough scholarly read or a treasure trove for dipping into. It’s the latter I’d recommend for an improvisational audience, and it’s the approach I took in this review, selecting a few shiny nuggets for comment.

Please follow the link below to the review in the Journal of Solutions Focused Practice, and if you would like to discuss anything further about creativity or the future, then feel free to get in touch with me directly – paul@impro.org.uk.

Routledge Handbook for Creative Futures – reviewed by Paul Z Jackson