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Inspirational Facilitator

We are all participants in any event. Some are more prominent than others and the inspirational facilitator has a special part to play.

Whenever people get together as a group, someone will conduct the conversation, whether formally or informally. This online or face-to-face workshop is about building your skills at managing any group, workshop or meeting.

You’ll experience a range of approaches, from the subtle ‘guide on the side’ to the more up-front ‘sage on the stage’, gaining a sense of how strongly to intervene. You’ll learn pragmatic models, and great activities for each stage of an event. You’ll experiment with powerful concepts, with the ways you show up and how you relate to others.

What to expect

Don’t expect long lectures, dulled by poor powerpoint presentations. Do expect to participate in engaging activities and lively debriefs. Do expect to be challenged while simultaneously learning lots and enjoying yourself. We’ll explore ways to ensure safety in groups, while giving everyone the chance to contribute. We’ll practice techniques for dealing with tricky participants and strategies for overcoming your most difficult challenges.


What will I learn?

  • We’ll share dozens of tips and techniques for getting the most from groups.
  • You’ll discover new ways to gain your audience’s commitment.
  • And we’ll help you develop your own performance as a facilitator.
  • We’ll work on having a plan and on how to be confident to flex it improvisationally when anything surprising happens.
  • You’ll also learn how to engage a group, keep it on track and bring out the resources of each participant.
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On behalf of the entire Climate Centre team, I wanted to thank you for doing such a fabulous job facilitating our team retreat. It made a huge difference having you help to steer the process, keep us on track, and ensure things stayed interesting. The following week, many of us put into practice many of the tips you shared, which was really neat.
Carina Bachofen

Senior Policy Officer, Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre

The Inspirational Facilitator Online Course

The Inspirational Facilitator Online Course

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