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How can we transform meetings from deadly dull to valuable and vibrant?

How can we transform meetings from deadly dull to valuable and vibrant?

Too many face-to-face meetings, workshops and conferences are bitterly disappointing. Poorly structured, ineptly hosted and devoid of either energy or results, they leave you wondering why the event took place at all.

And, particularly since the arrival of Covid, the same is true of online events.

Of course, we do know why these events take place. There’s work to be done, information to be communicated, important topics to be discussed and decisions to be made.

It’s just that we have the sense that these meetings could be designed and delivered so much more effectively .

Clients often ask me, ‘How can we make our conference sessions more engaging?’ And recently they’ve been asking, ‘How can we make the same impact when we take our events online?’

And we know these outcomes are desirable and possible. Both online and off, we’ve been to events that work. There was something about the way they flowed, how we were welcomed, how everyone’s voice was heard – but not too much…

Now, I believe they could all be like that, which is why I’m launching The Inspirational Facilitator, an online programme that will show you how to design and host meetings, workshops and conferences that rock and keep your audience coming back for more! 

Is The Inspirational Facilitator for you?

If you’ve ever struggled with how to… 

– Engage participants from start to finish 

– Make events flow naturally, without resistance

– Ensure learning, action and clear results

then sign up now and we’ll add you to the course waiting list. 

This practical programme offers you all the tips and techniques you need to be a more confident and creative facilitator, both face-to-face and online. 

You’ll master your design and hosting skills, while participating in an exclusive collaborative network. You’ll gain a competitive edge that keeps you in demand for the fulfilling work you want.

What’s in the package? 

You’ll get access to 18 video modules with learnings from my most recent live face-to-face 2-day workshop with an international group of experienced facilitators. 

You’ll be able to attend 3 live webinars with me and your fellow participants, in which we’ll discuss how the video content applies to your current and future work. The webinars will be themed around:  

Troubleshooting – dealing with varieties of difficult behaviours 

Personal style – developing your unique presence

Professional trends – what’s in, out, and coming next

You’ll be invited to join an exclusive Forum, in which to ask and get answers to your questions and challenges, along with links to dozens of useful resources.

Where can I apply my new skills?  

We will be exploring facilitation in a whole range of contexts – both face-to-face and online. 

That means the learning will be relevant to all sorts of events, including: 

  • 1-to-1 or team coaching
  • Formal or informal meetings – with clients, customers, your own teams
  • Workshop sessions
  • Conferences with hundreds of participants

Everything in the programme is designed to be easy to follow and easy to apply to your own work. We’ll also explore the application of improvisational principles to designing and delivering events. 

In short, you’ll gain confidence to extend your range, and add satisfyingly useful skills and lots of value to your marketability.

(Photo by Ian Dooley on Unsplash)  

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