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Our experience is shaped by the stories we tell about ourselves and that others tell about us.

Do you know what your stories are saying about you and your work?

Would you like to craft stories that allow you to make more of the impact you want?

This workshop takes you step by step through activities that will have you telling stories as never before. Drawing on lessons from journalism, film-making and constructive approaches such as SF, Narrative and Improvisation, you will:

  • Gain a fresh appreciation of the importance of the stories you are telling
  • Improve your skills at making stories compelling and memorable
  • Learn how to co-create stories in your professional interactions.


This will all be explored at an upcoming “The Power of SF Storytelling” workshop to be held at The Vinery Centre, 20 Vinery Road, Leeds, LS9 9LU.

Full details here:


Registration is free and places are limited, so please be sure to check your diaries and book on if you wish to attend.