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One of the principles of improvisation is ‘Spot Successes’. We make progress when we notice – then celebrate and implement – what works.

In science, the only ways to fail in an experiment are to drop the petri dish, forget to show up for work, or to light yourself on fire.

Whatever happens within the experiments are Results. Results are the findings, the discovery of what happens under varying controlled conditions.

Likewise in an improvisational workshop: We have a go and see what happens. There’s no failure. Just someone taking their turn. We build confidence and skills by noticing what works well – to create a character, express an idea, build a scene, improve a story – then seeing how we can usefully next apply that information.

‘Spot Successes’ provides the final letter of LIFEPASS, the eight key principles of improvisation: Get your free copy of the LIFEPASS booklet here as a thank you for reading this blog.

If you are ready to learn the core principles of improv performance to take on stage or apply in your life, please join us in Oxford for “Improv in 6 Acts”.

Where? The Old Schoolhouse, Oxford.

When? Every Monday night for 6 weeks from Monday 17th June.

How much? £180, includes all classes, refreshments and free tickets to improv shows! (half price tickets available for students).

What’s included? Over six weekly evening sessions, you’ll learn the art of comedy improv through a series of fun and engaging exercises designed to build your skills and confidence.

You’ll enjoy thinking on your feet, collaborating with others and bringing your unique perspective to every activity. The course isn’t just for actors – it’s for anyone looking to develop their communication skills.

Improvisation appeals to business professionals keen to improve their public speaking, teachers hoping to engage students more meaningfully, and anyone who wants to have purposeful fun while meeting new people. Beginners especially welcome. We hope you will be able to join us. And whether you can be there or not, please do look out for you next successes wherever you are!

Improv in 6 Acts – sign up today and join us on a journey of discovery and laughter!