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Inspirational Facilitator Offline Package

Introducing our *NEW* Inspirational Facilitator offline package 

If you were considering our online Inspirational Facilitator course but:

  • The dates haven’t worked for you
  • You are in a different time zone to the UK
  • You would rather not wait and prefer all the course material at your fingertips

Then our new offline package is for you! It shows you how to design and host meetings, workshops and conferences that rock and keep your audience coming back for more.


1.You’ll receive a set of 9 tip-filled videos 

2. 3 full videos with webinar material from our online courses

3. You’ll be invited to join an exclusive Online Forum where you can share with your peers, ask and get answers to your questions and challenges, along with links to dozens of useful resources.

4. A new bonus material booklet enabling you to benefit from what we’ve all been learning as facilitators and participants on virtual calls: Virtual Facilitation – what works well.

Making a Better Living with Improvisation:

Learn how to monetise your improvisation skills

Want to use your improvisational skills to expand your professional range? Could you make more money by presenting, training, leading workshops and appearing at conferences? Do you have a clear strategy for doing this?

Make the most of your skills by marketing, selling and engaging with clients more productively.

In this workshop with experienced improvisation expert Paul Z Jackson, we’ll focus on what matters and what doesn’t when you want improvisation as a pillar in your life.

You’ll learn how to monetise your improvisation skills, and how to develop from hobby, to professional practice, to lifestyle.


1. You’ll learn how to apply improvisation as a business and plan a workshop accordingly

2. You’ll be taught a number of techniques to get the most from exercises and activities

3. How to appear credible! 

4. And finally and most importantly, how much to charge?