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Creativity and Innovation

We combine creativity and practical innovation

Do you want to learn more about creativity and how to apply it in practical innovation?

Our sessions – ranging from a half-day introduction to a full program of training, consultancy and coaching – allow you to consider:

  • What is creativity?
  • What is its relationship to innovation in an organisation?
  • Are we creative enough and how do we measure it?
  • How can we be more creative, individually and collectively?

Your event will help you answer these questions in pragmatic, exciting and constructive ways.

Typically, we explore:

  • Our new knowledge of creativity as an emergent phenomenon in complex adaptive systems
  • The practice of creativity in leading creative organisations
  • The disciplines of creativity as exemplified in the creative arts

Possible topics:

  • Staying At The Leading Edge – why organisations must be creative to survive and flourish
  • Unlocking The Vast Potential At The Heart Of The Organisation – how to access the creativity within your organisation or team
  • Doing It Tomorrow In The Real World – ways of applying your creativity to suit your purpose
  • Unsticking – how to use creativity to get away from problems and to shift unhelpful patterns of behaviour
  • Working Together – ways of adapting, to learn as individuals, teams and as an organisation
  • Delivering Innovation In Real Time Every Day – gently shaping the culture to better support both creativity and action.

You’ll enjoy a lively mix of presentations, discussions, demonstrations, participative activities and planning. They are appropriately creative. A pre-course letter tunes-in participants, prompting thought and ideas to kick-start the event. We guide you through the complexities of creativity and innovation, bringing our expertise, ideas and a well-stocked resource library.

Paul explains how improvisation processes closely match the creativity process in organisations.

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