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We apply the principles of Accelerated Learning and Improvisation (The LIFEPASS Method) to design and deliver our courses. This makes learning new communication skills such as flexibility, confidence, spontaneity, creativity and humour quick and easy to achieve.

By using Improvisation both as a method of training and as part of the content of all programmes, people have fun. This opens the gateways to learning and memory, and real change is more likely to take root.


Our programmes are:

  • Experiential – with people participating interactively
  • Comprehensive – training is supported with ‘before’, ‘during’ and ‘after’ elements, such as reading, tasks and coaching
  • Blended – with a mixture of live and e-learning
Whenever people get together as a group, someone will conduct the conversation, whether formally or informally. This workshop is about building your skills at managing any group, workshop or meeting.
Accelerated Learning is about more effective, faster and easier learning and training. It means less time and money spent, less time wasted in ineffective courses.

Our sessions range from a half-day introduction to a full program of training, consultancy and coaching. Are we creative enough and how do we measure it? How can we be more creative, individually and collectively?

Paul Z Jackson, co-founder and long-time president of the Applied Improvisation Network, has unrivalled experience in developing agile and adaptive leadership skills, enhancing performance in fast-changing circumstances, and increasing your confidence in the ability to succeed under pressure.

This award-winning course equips you with a range of sophisticated techniques to make the most of your abilities, so you can excel on the platform and in front of any audience.
This innovative workshop brings together the rich threads of story-telling that run through our personal, professional and political lives. Would you like to craft stories that allow you to make more of the impact you want in the world?

Introduction to Applied Improvisation. Paul Z Jackson leads a workshop at the Applied Improvisation Network – London Group using LIFEPASS, taken from his latest book, EASY: Your LIFEPASS to creativity and confidence.

The Inspirational Facilitator *OFFLINE* Programme – for the course you can start today!

Applied Improvisation Online Course

Make a better living with Improvisation course

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