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Storytelling for Leaders

Do you know what your stories are saying about you and your organisation?


Would you like to craft stories that allow you to make more of the impact you want in the world?

Storytelling for Leaders takes you step by step through activities that will have you telling stories as never before. This two-day workshop can be delivered virtually or face to face and tailored to the needs of your organisation. Drawing on lessons from journalism, PR, improvisation, film-making, psychology and your own rich experiences, you will:

  • Gain a fresh appreciation of the importance of the stories you are telling
  • Improve your skills at making stories compelling and memorable
  • Learn how to co-create stories with your different audiences
  • Learn how to get the impact you want by crafting and telling your stories more effectively


  • How stories are the number one influence on perceptions
  • What makes a story compelling?
  • Shape, structure and theme
  • Making connections with audiences
  • Personal and organisational stories
  • When you don’t know the ending…
  • Raising the stakes
  • Quantum storytelling and placing your bets


Wherever we go, we hear stories. Amateurs and professionals tell them because story is the most powerful influencing tool ever devised.

What stories are you telling?  What stories is your organisation telling? And, just as crucially, how skilfully are you telling them?

This innovative workshop brings together the rich threads of story-telling that run through our personal, professional and political lives.

Recently I was invited to Disney Studios, to learn from the masters of animation.  I’ll share with you how they create appealing heroes, fascinating worlds and compelling story-lines. And I’ll tell you what they learned from me:  How to craft stories when you don’t know the ending, when control is shared between you and the audience. 


And what do you know?

You have been exposed to thousands of stories in many media.  You have told stories, to your friends, families, colleagues and clients.  You know plenty – about what works and what doesn’t.

Your organisation may not be making movies, but it is putting out a constant flow of emerging, co-created sets of unparallel stories that have lives almost of their own.

What will you learn?

In this workshop we’ll explore what those stories are currently communicating about you.  We’ll consider which to encourage and which to quash.  We’ll get better stories up and running, so that they serve your interests and make a bigger splash as your audience takes them on, spreading and developing them. 

You’ll learn to set the agenda, pose the questions and be first to fillet the answers. 

Your stories will appear in conversations, meetings, on websites, in emails; in blogs, books and journals – anywhere you get a chance to express yourself and influence others to take action.

Once upon a time, any story would do. No longer. Audiences have zero tolerance for boredom. And what we are working on is too important to get wrong.  You can no longer afford to repel the audiences you need to attract.


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