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Improvisation at Work


‘Instead of firefighting and fixating on an outdated plan, my people adapt well to change.’

‘By staying in the moment, I have more presence and charisma as a leader.’

‘We listen to each other, collaborate and develop the best ideas together.’

These skills are crucial for managers and leaders. And your organisation can use our expertise in improvisation techniques to transform leadership, change management and communications.

Paul Z Jackson, co-founder and long-time president of the Applied Improvisation Network, has unrivalled experience in:

  • Developing agile and adaptive leadership skills
  • Enhancing performance in fast-changing circumstances
  • Increasing your confidence in the ability to succeed under pressure
  • Improving your presence (posture, gestures and voice) – to make an impact on the platform, in meetings and in informal dialogues
  • Providing the tools with which to collaborate, co-operate and contribute in teams of any size


We call this ‘Applied improvisation’, and it’s all about putting to work the principles, tools, practices, skills and mind-sets developed in comedy and jazz – and applying them away from the stage, to serve your needs.

Participants on the Improvisation at Work programme will

  • Improve their ability to perceive and engage with a situation as it actually unfolds rather than as they had planned
  • Develop the self-confidence to respond creatively rather than reactively to risk
  • Learn to create conversations which engender inclusiveness and exploration rather than enforcing stuck positions

Paul Z Jackson: Dealing with complexity – developing improv skills.

Improvisation is fast becoming a vital topic at leading business schools as well as in many top organisations. Schools of management at Ashridge, Cranfield, the OU, MIT, Duke and Stanford all have improvisation courses. They recognise that Applied Improvisation offers business students an incisive and direct way to deal with rapid change in organisations, respond with greater creativity and collaborate more effectively. It’s making an impact on their leadership skills, their understanding of teamwork and their ability to make practical sense of complexity.

You can now bring those insights and learnings directly into your organisation. Contact us to discuss how. 

I’ve enjoyed this 2-day program more than ANY other I’ve ever taken.


Executive Coach

Thank you for delivering such an energising Power Dynamics workshop up at London Business School. We’ve already received a lot of positive feedback, with folks citing practical takeaways that will be very helpful as they prepare for various recruiting interviews and other high-stakes interactions in the future.

Hannah Gandevia

Women in Business, London Business School

Paul is very good at imparting knowledge without you realising he has done it. Suddenly you realise you know something. A really fun two days. I feel I have achieved all my objectives which were to have fun, build up my self-confidence and stretch my mind.

Denise Newman

Resource Manager, The Learning Bridge Ltd

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