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Changing the innovation agenda

Moving away from Problem Talk to Solutions Talk How facilitators can move away from problem talk to solutions talk When developing an agenda for a government-backed think-tank event on innovation, in climate risk insurance practices, we were wondering what would make...

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Getting beyond the fear when we drop our scripts

Getting beyond the fear when we drop our scripts I’m always glad to see new books about applying improvisation. From a random dip, there’s a lot to like in Jeff Katzman and Dan O’Connor’s ‘Life Unscripted’. I was particularly looking forward to this one as I’ve...

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Playing to play – on and off the sports field

Playing to play - on and off the sports field One of my favourite tenets of Applied Improvisation (AI) is 'Play to Play'. It reminds us that most people play most games to win - which, to be fair, is inherent in the nature of many games. Take for example the Cricket...

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Join the Anti-Perfectionist League

Join the Anti-Perfectionist League What are the benefits of joining the Anti-Perfectionist League? It takes away the stress and pressure of having to get everything right. Which is a good thing in circumstances in which you don’t have to get everything right. But that...

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The shift to quantum storytelling

 The shift to quantum storytelling In the classic storytelling of novels and movies, the story is created by the writer or the director. Once produced, it’s out in the world, unchanging. It gets consumed by its audience, who may or may not enjoy it. Sometimes they may...

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Story secrets of improvisers at Disney

Story secrets of improvisers at Disney When you grow up with Disney films, you are encouraged to dream. Still, I never dreamed I would be invited to California to teach Disney animation staff how to tell better stories. Yet here I am in Burbank, for the first of two...

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How to access your creativity with Improvisation

Meet your Muses: The Muses were Greek gods and goddesses and the Classical idea was that people were not in themselves creative. But you could – in the right circumstances – be inspired by the God or Goddess visiting you. You would be the instrument of that Muse’s creativity.

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