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How the CNN Effect is killing grandma

How the CNN Effect is killing grandma They call it the 'CNN Effect’. When a cyclone or hurricane hits the seaside town, the pictures are spectacular. You have a heady mix of devastation, offset by a heart-warming and equally compelling spectacle of a family rescued by...

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“Does this make me look fat?”

"Does this make me look fat?" We play an active part in constructing our identities, as this Observer article pointed out. We decide amongst us who counts as 'fat' or 'thin', and our decisions shift over time. There's an element of improvisational 'yes.. and-ing'...

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Ruth Jones and James Cordon

Ruth Jones and James Cordon – improvising the Gavin & Stacey script I always enjoyed working with Ruth Jones when she was in my improvisation comedy performing team, More Fool Us. She’s a wonderful collaborator and I was reminded by this old cutting that fell out...

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Why games are the future

 Why games are the future The future may be hard to predict, but back in 2011 Jane McGonigal was spot on with this one. It's a trend that's still emerging, people playing to play - for enjoyment as much as for winning. And clever designers are producing...

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3 ways to increase learning in organisations full of experts

3 ways to increase learning in organisations full of experts If you want people to learn, then those people have to accept that there are things they don’t yet know. That’s relatively easy when it’s abstract - ‘oh yes, there’s always more to learn’ - but a lot...

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Does everyone need coffee right now?

Does everyone need coffee right now? Is it even possible to get it? I watched an ugly facilitation moment the other day, in which participants who were deeply involved in an activity were wrenched out of it by a facilitator who seemed to think it important that...

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Failure Fetish Flies Again

 Failure fetish files again The failure fetish gets another airing in a TEDx talk, brought to my attention in a recent newsletter from a colleague. A child does poorly in a school test and doesn’t tell me, his mother, says Dr. Kathleen Ciez-Volz. ‘Gabe is embarrassed...

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Sometimes a typo is just a typo

 Sometimes a typo is just a typo In a recent email I typed ‘GB' when I meant to type ‘FB' as shorthand for Facebook. My correspondent was mildly mystified and asked what I meant. I explained, which would have made a good end to the matter.  But because we sometimes...

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Here comes destruction or something

 Here comes destruction or something The recent climate change talks were a useful reminder that humanity is probably on the cusp of destruction. We need to change our ways from exploitation to preservation. And we need to do so through changes that are attractive and...

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Learned Idiocy

Mistakes: People keep telling me they learn from their mistakes. And I’m pretty sure they are mistaken. Yes, you learn from a mistake not to do again whatever the mistake happened to be.

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