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Inspirational Facilitator Offline Package

Thank you for your interest in our *NEW* Inspirational Facilitator offline package 

If you were considering our online Inspirational Facilitator course but:

  • The dates haven’t worked for you
  • You are in a different time zone to the UK
  • You would rather not wait and prefer all the course material at your fingertips

Then our new offline package is for you! It shows you how to design and host meetings, workshops and conferences that rock and keep your audience coming back for more.


1.You’ll receive a set of 9 tip-filled videos on the following topics:

  • Getting your group from A to B: The Essence of Facilitation – you will discover a range of ways of working with a group of people: from 1-1 coaching conversations through to designing and hosting a large conference so they are run well and participants get plenty from it. 
  • Setting up the physical space for a productive workshop – the set-up of the room can be just as important as the content you are going to cover in the conversations and activities as well as indicating how engaging and participative the session will be.
  • How to turn strangers into a network that’s ready to learn together – you will learn how to position the introductory activities to set up an environment in which participants will learn well together.
  • Top 10 skills that are most important for a facilitator to develop – you will discover the importance of design skills, presentation skills and improvisational skills and how they come together when creating a meeting, seminar or event.
  • How to use breakouts effectively to increase diversity and productivity – learn how the use of breakouts offers more prospect of collaboration and faster progress.
  • The 3-part structure that gets the most from any exercise – If you follow the structure proposed in this video, you’ll be sure to get maximum value from any activity. 
  • How to use variety and timings for maximum engagement – by switching to shorter discussions and introducing a variety of activities, it is possible to keep attention at the required levels for retaining information and gaining the most learning possible from any session.
  • What treasures you need to pack in the old kit bag – this video applies mostly to working face-to-face with participants at a venue, but there are selected items which you might want to hand when participating virtually. 
  • The 5 endings that make any event memorable and complete – endings, like beginnings, are worth paying special attention to. Here’s how to make them an impactful, memorable and positive experience. 

2. 3 full videos with webinar material from our online courses on the following topics:

  • Part 1: How to Make the Most of Virtual
  • Part 2: Finding Your Most Effective Style
  • Part 3: Flourishing as Facilitation Changes

3. You’ll be invited to join an exclusive Online Forum where you can share with your peers, ask and get answers to your questions and challenges, along with links to dozens of useful resources.

4. A new bonus material booklet enabling you to benefit from what we’ve all been learning as facilitators and participants on virtual calls: Virtual Facilitation – what works well.

Receive all of the above for £399 and gain instant access to our popular course. 

Please note: We will still be running the Inspirational Facilitator online course once or twice per year, so if you would rather wait until the new dates have been announced then please register for the waiting list here Inspirational Facilitator Online Course (mailchi.mp)