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Playing to play – on and off the sports field

Playing to play - on and off the sports field One of my favourite tenets of Applied Improvisation (AI) is 'Play to Play'. It reminds us that most people play most games to win - which, to be fair, is inherent in the nature of many games. Take for example the Cricket...

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Three Ways to Let Go

Three Ways to Let Go The first of the LIFEPASS principles is ‘Let go’. Easy to say, sounds OK, but what does it mean? Here are three intended interpretations. Let go of the plan – especially when it is apparent that the plan is no longer serving you. If you are...

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Federer, Kasparov and Perfectionism

Federer, Kasparov and Perfectionism If you feel caught in a trap of perfectionism, consider this: the very best champions of all-time are not perfect and never could be. Gary Kasparov, the most dominant world champion of chess sometimes won and sometimes lost. He won...

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‘Fail’ succeeds in getting the headlines

‘Fail’ succeeds in getting the headlines When I mention there's a Failure Fetish, which is unhelpfully skewing the way we talk about and teach improvisation, fans of Celebrating Mistakes look affronted, as if there is no such thing. They ask where is the evidence for...

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Playing with time when facilitating a session

Playing with time when facilitating a session Time is often the dimension that gets away from us, ruining an otherwise wonderful event. You are facilitating a session. It’s an important topic - that’s why it’s on the agenda and has been allocated the time. You know...

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“Does this make me look fat?”

"Does this make me look fat?" We play an active part in constructing our identities, as this Observer article pointed out. We decide amongst us who counts as 'fat' or 'thin', and our decisions shift over time. There's an element of improvisational 'yes.. and-ing'...

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How Sir Tim improvised the world wide web

 How Sir Tim improvised the world wide web Innovation may turn out to be radical, but it’s built on solid foundations of what is already working. Steven Johnson is an expert in where good ideas come from, and he picks the prime example of the World Wide Web, created...

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