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Waking up your passive audience

Waking up your passive audience It's good to give your audience more than a passive role during your presentation. These days, millennials have short attention... what was I saying? Even if you are going to talk to an audience non-stop, you can allow them to signal...

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The easy way to interact with your audience

The easy way to interact with your audience 'So you want to create interaction with the audience?' The presenter looks mildly appalled. 'No, not really, but I’m told it’s a good idea. It's an unwelcome thought for me, but apparently a benefit for my audience and thus...

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How NOT to end a session on time

How not to end a session on time If you want to end a session on time, don’t make your final activity an open question-and-answer session. You lose control, as the audience takes over. I’ve seen one presenter faced with an endless stream of questions, each of which...

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How to spread the news – in 25 words or less

You are an experienced story-teller. I know this to be true, because you are human. You didn’t get this far in life - owning a computer, reading sophisticated blogs - without having told a few stories. Hell, you may even be a professional. Was it you I heard...

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Upcoming Event 22 April 18 – The Power of SF Storytelling

Our experience is shaped by the stories we tell about ourselves and that others tell about us. Do you know what your stories are saying about you and your work? Would you like to craft stories that allow you to make more of the impact you want? This workshop takes you...

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The shift to quantum storytelling

 The shift to quantum storytelling In the classic storytelling of novels and movies, the story is created by the writer or the director. Once produced, it’s out in the world, unchanging. It gets consumed by its audience, who may or may not enjoy it. Sometimes they may...

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Are we getting more playful?

 Are we getting more playful? There used to be a real divide between those who played computer games and those who didn’t. But, as this clipping reminds us, that barrier melted when games leapt onto our mobile phones. If we remained reluctant to say we played, we’d...

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“Does this make me look fat?”

"Does this make me look fat?" We play an active part in constructing our identities, as this Observer article pointed out. We decide amongst us who counts as 'fat' or 'thin', and our decisions shift over time. There's an element of improvisational 'yes.. and-ing'...

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Beware those classic Ted stories

Beware those classic Ted stories Stories are great. But beware those Tedx talks that construct enticing arguments on the shakiest of foundations. The personal story draws you in, and suddenly you find yourself tempted to agree with a load of nonsense. I see many...

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