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Imagine having the ability to captivate your audience, whether it’s during a conference, team meeting or negotiating with clients.

While you might see storytelling as a specialist skill found only in professional writers and performers, the good news is that it’s also accessible to business leaders seeking to create meaningful connections with their followers.

Here’s a tip to help you deliver a compelling message every time. It’s simple, yet surprisingly often neglected!

Structure Your Narrative

Every successful story, be it a page-turner novel or a compelling business presentation, has a well-defined structure. Think of it as the blueprint that guides your narrative. As a business leader, you can harness this skill to engage the audiences at your meetings and presentations.

The classic three-act structure, readily identified in literature and movies, consists of the setup, confrontation and resolution.

When applied to business, the setup could be your introduction, where you establish the context. For the confrontation, you present the challenges you’re facing. And the resolution is your proposed solution or way forward.

By structuring your conversations and presentations in this way, you create a clear and compelling narrative that keeps your audience engaged from start to finish. And that’s the key to making a lasting impression.

Storytelling for Leaders – final course date for 2023

After a sell-out September session, we are delighted to offer this half day workshop for one final time this year, on Thursday 16th November. 

During this 3-hour webinar, you’ll:

  • Appreciate how stories are the number one influence on perceptions
  • Discover the elements that make a story compelling
  • Explore shape, structure and theme – how to craft your story
  • Learn journalistic tricks and tips for making rapid connections with audiences
  • Realise the value of personal and organisational stories
  • Know what to do when you don’t know the ending…

The course is designed for business owners, heads of organisations, leaders of teams, managers, change managers and consultants. This half-day online workshop takes you step by step through activities that will have you telling stories as never before.

Drawing on lessons from journalism, PR, improvisation, film-making, brain science and your own rich experiences, this is your chance to shape your personal story, your organisation’s story and change perceptions in the directions you desire.

Final places remaining for 16th November 2023 – book now!