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Just had delivered 100 lovely reprints of my book Easy, fully-illustrated and in colour. It presents 8 improvisation principles, under the acronym LIFEPASS. The first of these is Let Go. Now, there are many things worth letting go of, including needless perfectionism, bad habits, and personal narratives that no longer serve you.

One of the best items to release is a fixed plan. Vancouver-based company Ludicorp created a game called ‘Game Never-ending’ a massively multiplayer online game (MMOG). Never-ending, perhaps, but most of us had never heard of it. Then one day the designers noticed that the players were storing photos and using the messaging service asynchronously, rather than in real time as they’d expected.

They let go of their plans, dropped the game elements and sold the newly-renamed Flickr to Yahoo, which went on to collect billions of photos, with millions more uploaded every dayIf they’d stuck to the original vision or their detailed business plan, they’d have missed out on that opportunity, as it simply didn’t fit. A plan is fine. A fixed plan less so. If you know your target, and can set off in the right direction, you can adjust the precise route as you go, responding to what you discover along the way.

Easy: Your LIFEPASS to Creativity and Confidence

Read more about letting go and the other LIFEPASS principles by ordering Easy: Your LIFEPASS to Creativity and Confidence.

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