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One of the most challenging tasks for a facilitator is when your participants are in a room together and you are the only person on Zoom. 

This is always going to feel like a tough assignment. You’re at a disadvantage when you’re the only person not present. But it’s not impossible: like Banquo at Macbeth’s dinner party, you can make an impact as the ghost at the feast.

The participants will have to put in extra effort to give you their attention across the internet. So you have to earn it – and sustain it – with your most commanding, fluent and engaging tactics.

Start by telling them something that they don’t know. Often, sharing a relevant personal story will raise your status and keep them curious.

When you are online and they are in a room together, you need the organiser to set you up to be as visible and audible as possible. How big a screen can they provide? And, while we’re talking technology, you need to see them too. Otherwise you’ve lost all the usual means of telling how it’s going and being able to adjust accordingly.

If you can keep it brief, that will help. Give them a task to do together, and let them show you their results. 

What are your ideas for handling this particular challenge?

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