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There’s nobody quite as organised as a typical facilitator. They have a great sense of what needs to be accomplished, and have worked out a plan to get the group from A to B.

What they might struggle with is Letting Go – especially if they are perfectionists.

My first principle for improvisational facilitators is ‘Let go’. That means being willing to flex the plan. It’s certainly recommended to have a plan, and it’s vital to be prepared. But not everything goes as expected, and even a good plan may not quite fit the needs of participants on the day.

In either of those cases, sticking to the old plan as a facilitator can be disastrous. Instead, it’s better to be ready to adjust to fresh demands and interests as they emerge. You need a range of processes up your sleeve, and ideally the ability to invent new ones on the spot.

When facilitators embody this embrace of flexibility, they are living examples of readiness and agility in the meetings they are facilitating.

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