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Each time we have a discussion among facilitators about what’s on the way out in the world of conferences, trainings and meetings, someone confidently predicts the end of tedious lectures accompanied by a Powerpoint presentation (also known as the Lecturer’s Notes).

Yet it hasn’t quite happened. Just when you think you’ll never again have to sit through a needlessly long series of bullet points (‘Haven’t you heard of email?’), one will come back to haunt you, like another dreadful horror movie sequel.

Presenters’ enthusiasm for Powerpoint slides (and other brands are just about available) gets revived each time there’s a slightly slicker technology to use, a neater animation or fly-in effect.

No matter how flashy, it makes little difference, as it misses the main point. And that is what it is possible to achieve when the presenter collaborates with an audience, rather than preaching at them.

We’re proposing a revolution: the upturning of a session away from ‘content delivered as planned’ – whatever the display medium – towards emergent, participant-led generation of fresh information for all.

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