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Everyone likes to learn in their own way. You’re doubtless thrilled to hear that I’m improving my guitar playing – and I guarantee that no one has followed the same path as me on the app I’ve been using. What any player might appreciate about this particular learning environment is the incredible choice on offer – including which song (or scale) to play, how often and at what speeds.

And being a computer programme, it’s infinitely patient. It can listen to me for hours, which is unlikely to be said of any human audience. The feedback is instant, accurate and dispassionate.

Now I’m not a slave to the machine. I also enjoy learning with tutors and coaches, and sometimes benefit from sharing experiences with others.

In one recent discussion with fellow facilitators, we agreed there was a bright future for well-designed training packages that offer plenty of choice to the learners.

In my Inspirational Facilitator, for example, there’s a mix of live activitiesgroup discussions and videos to watch at your leisure. You participate by listening, watching, writing and discussing. Oh, and because it’s spread over six weeks, you get to practice between sessions and monitor your own progress.

Details of variety (and some choices) can be found by signing up to our forthcoming Inspirational Facilitator online course – with the first live session taking place in only 2 weeks time on Tuesday 28th February.