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We’ve been discussing the importance of ending sessions well, and one of my favourite tactics is to facilitate a sharing of personal reflections.

I learned this activity during an Applied Improvisation Network (AIN) Open Space session. I don’t remember who shared it. If it was you, please let me know, so I can add the appropriate credit.

You reflect on the day via your Hand – specifically with each finger in turn:

  • Thumb up – to indicate what you’ve done well during the event
  • Index finger points – to tell what you commit to focus your attention on / small action you are sure to take
  • Middle finger raised – to say what you want to stop
  • Ring finger – tell something about a person you care about
  • Pinky – what you still want to grow in

Of course you can easily adapt this to a forward-looking opening activity, if that suits you and your group better.

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