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Three tips to increase beautiful layering in meetings, workshops and conferences

Clever layering is a hallmark of the excellent facilitator

Layering is the idea of having more than one thing going on at one time in a meeting, workshop or conference. For example, displaying posters on the wall is an example of a layer beyond people simply talking to each other. Each extra layer added to a meeting, workshop or conference also provides an opportunity for the layers to be combined in new activities.

 Here are three easy ways to add a bit of lovely layering to your events: 

  1. A Message Board – for posting cards with offers and requests, to which anyone in the meeting may respond.
  2. A Soundtrack Layer – play music to set the mood as the event begins, during breaks and to signal returns to each session.
  3. A Poster Space – on which participants write their ‘Quotes of the Day’ – wise, amusing or pertinent words or phrases heard during the day.

    What layers have you added, and what was the beneficial impact?

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